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Picture Index

A pictorial index to species gallery photos. Hover over for species name. Click to see the picture.
Natural variation, environmental influences and whether the lichen is wet or dry make it difficult to place a species within the categories shown below with certainty. This is especially true for the colour of the apothecium, the colour of the thallus and whether it is fertile or sterile. These factors need to be taken into account when using this picture index. Some species are placed in two different categories to avoid being missed e.g. Caloplaca ochracea which has apothecia without a thalline margin but has also been placed with the other Caloplaca species with thalline margins for convenience. Please let me know if you find any errors.

There are over 700 thumbnail pictures now (= 4.5 Megabytes) so I have sorted them into sections for quicker viewing.
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